Sinusoidal projection

Sinusoidal projection, Sinusoidal projection of the world the sinusoidal projection with tissot's indicatrix of deformation the sinusoidal projection is a pseudocylindrical equal-area map.

The reprojection of image data causes the loss or duplication of original pixel values this research investigated the feasibility of using the sinusoidal projection. Definitions of sinusoidal projection, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of sinusoidal projection, analogical dictionary of sinusoidal projection (english. Definition of sinusoidal projection in the audioenglishorg dictionary meaning of sinusoidal projection what does sinusoidal projection mean proper usage of the. Sinusoidal equal area: pseudo-cylindrical orthographic: azimuthal : x many map projections can then be grouped by a particular developable surface. The sinusoidal projection is a coordinate transform often used to map geographical coordinates on to a flat surface in order to generate a map it is typically stated. Define sinusoidal projection: an equal-area map projection capable of showing the entire surface of the earth with all parallels as straight lines.

The modis land products are produced at 4 resolutions (250m, 500m, 1km, and 005 degree), and in 3 projections (sinusoidal, lambert azimuthal equal-area. The sinusoidal projection maintains equal area despite conformal distortion as a world map. Define sinusoidal projection sinusoidal projection synonyms, sinusoidal projection pronunciation, sinusoidal projection translation, english dictionary definition of. Looking for sinusoidal projection find out information about sinusoidal projection an equal-area map projection in which the parallels are equally spaced, straight.

Define sinusoidal sinusoidal synonyms, sinusoidal pronunciation, sinusoidal translation, english dictionary definition of sinusoidal n 1 mathematics see sine curve. Decision support system for map projections of small scale data sinusoidal equal area usage usage: the sinusodial projection is used for world maps as well as.

The sinusoidal projection is an equal-area projection given by the transformation x = (lambda-lambda_0)cosphi (1) y = phi (2) the inverse formulas are phi = y (3. The sinusoidal equal-area projection is characterized by a projection longitude which is the center meridian of the projection.

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  • Sinusoidal projection definition: an equal-area map projection on which all parallels are straight lines and all except the | meaning, pronunciation, translations.
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  • The mercator projection is conformal all indicatrices are circles area distortion varies with latitude the sinusoidal projection preserves area.

The sinusoidal projection is an equal-area world map projection that has straight, horizontal parallels spaced equally at their true distances. Map projections assignment 3 study play when normally oriented, this type of projection is tangent along the equator sinusoidal & interrupted sinusoidal.

Sinusoidal projection
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